325,000 lbs Solar Transformer

Renewable Heavy Haul Cargo and Logistics

Moving a 352k lbs. Transformer is no easy task. With a total length of 245', 18' wide, over 17' high and 144 wheels on the ground, a load of this magnitude takes massive preparation, a superb strategy, along with a highly skilled, experience, and dedicated team. 

The project was presented with many challenges often faced with moving a load such as this. The permits alone would normally be a major obstacle, but wit qh the knowledge and experience of Supor Heavy Haul, they not only overcame that obstacle but were able to develop a three phase plan of action in order to effectively get the load to it's final destination.

Phase one was 800 miles of road transport with tight turns, narrow roads, and other surprises along the way. At Supor, they look at surprises as learning experiences and ways to implement our innovative experience and transform the industry with new ideas and ways to succeed.

Phase Two was the translating of the unit to a hydraulic transport which took careful planning and meticulous forethought to insure safety, accuracy, and a successful transition to the third and final phase.

The third and final phase was moving the hydraulic transport, winding though a rugged 20 mile path to its final destination, where it was offloaded to its place of installation, on point, on time, exceeding the customers expectations. 

Knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment were the key elements in the success of this project. Work ethics and relationships brought this project to successful fruition.

Solar Transformer offloading at port.
Offloading at port
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