Union Pacific's Locomotive 4141 George Bush Train

This heavy haul load was carried out by one of the industries top performers, Supor Heavy Haul and Logistics out of Houston, Texas one of the many Supor group of companies. The job scope was to take Union Pacific's Locomotive 4141 George Bush Train from the rail site in Bryan College Station, lift it with 2 Liebherr cranes off the tracks to place it on Supor's hydraulic transport trailer. It would then be transported to the pad site at the Presidential Museum and Library at Texas A&M. Once the load arrives at the museum it would then be moved off the trailer with a gantry crane and placed onto it's final resting place where it will be on display for all to see. 
The total load was 315,000 lbs 74'3" Long, 10'4" wide and 15'11" high with 4 lifting points. The load is massive to say the least. 

Each crane taking the locomotive off the tracks has a capacity of 500 Tons. They will place the train onto a hydraulic lift transport trailer that can carry up to 36 metric tons per line and the trailer is 12 lines also known as 12 axles. The gantry crane being used at the museum is a 1000 ton gantry crane with electronic trollies. This crane is very precise and can lift almost anything. 

Supor Heavy Haul is a group that has experience that dates back 60 years when Mr. Joseph Supor started the company with a 1948 Ford. We are proud to have Supor Heavy Haul on HeavyHaulCargo.com

 Heavy Haul Cargo
 Heavy Haul Cargo - UP4141
 Heavy Haul Cargo3
 Heavy Haul Cargo4
 Heavy Haul Cargo5
Crane and rigging
Electronic Trollies on gantry crane
George and Barbra Bush Coins to go under Locomotive 4141
Heavy Haul Cargo Hydraulic Transport Trailer
Heavy Haul Cargo
Locomotive 4141 Heavy Haul Cargo
Moving 4141 to pad site
Placing 4141 on hydraulic lift trailer
Preparing the gantry crane
Project Manger Carlos Da Silva -  Heavy Haul Cargo
Supor Heavy Haul moving 4141
Supor Heavy Haul Moving UP4141
Texas AM Presidential LIbrary Job Site UP4141
Union Pacific Locomotive 4141 George Bush Train -  Heavy Haul Cargo
Union Pacific Locomotive 4141 George Bush Train on Hydraulic Transport Trailer
UP4141  Heavy Haul Project Cargo
UP4141 -  Heavy Haul Cargo
UP4141 on Hydraulic Trannsport Trailer
UP4141 Police Escort for  Heavy Haul Cargo
Welding tops on to hydraulic transport trailer


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