Heavy Haul Cargo Freight Forwarding

Heavy Haul Cargo Freight Forwarding is a specialized logistics task that takes insight, relationships, experience, and the ability to move heavy haul cargo on time and on budget professionally and safely.

Freight Forwarding and Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarding is like a general contractor of different types of freight. Examples of that type of freight may be breakbulk cargo, shipping containers, project cargo, heavy haul or super heavy haul cargo. The freight forwarder is not actually the person moving the freight however many times they will follow the shipment in order to make sure it gets where it's supposed to. Those folks are known as project managers. When choosing a logistics freight forwarder it is important to find one that has great relationships with carriers such as trucking companies, rail companies, companies that own assets such as ships or cargo planes. By building great relationships with these carriers they can get the most affordable and effective rates to move the freight the client needs to move. 

International freight forwarders can handle freight all over the globe and usually have offices in satellite locations to ensure they have boots on the ground to make sure their customers get the attention they deserve. Also, international freight forwarders have vast knowledge and experience in dealing with customs and dealing with international situations. 

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