Heavy Haul Cargo

Heavy Haul Cargo is a freight that is bigger dimensions than the legal limits in size for normal transport. In Texas for example the limits that constitute a heavy haul cargo load is anything exceed 8'6" in width, over 14' in height with a length over 65' and over 80,000lbs. If any of these specifications are true, it is considered heavy haul cargo. Heavy haul and super heavy haul cargo requires planning, permitting, a pilot truck, and many times a pole truck to make sure clearance is available while in rout. 

Heavy haul cargo refers to the transportation of large, heavy, and oversized items that cannot be transported using standard shipping methods. These items may include construction equipment, industrial machinery, and oversized vehicles. Heavy haul cargo is typically transported using specialized equipment such as lowboys, flatbeds, and heavy haul trucks with reinforced frames and increased load capacity. The transportation of heavy haul cargo often requires special permits, routing, and escorts to ensure safe and efficient transport.

Heavy haul cargo is freight that is too large, too heavy, or too oddly shaped to be transported on standard shipping methods. This kind of cargo is typically moved using specialized vehicles such as flatbed trucks, lowboys and extendable trailers, heavy haul trucks with reinforced frames, and other specialized equipment. The transportation of heavy haul cargo often requires special permits, routing, and escorts to ensure safe and efficient transport. Due to the size and weight of heavy haul cargo, the cost of transport can be quite high and the process may also be subject to additional regulations.


Houston, Texas Heavy Haul Cargo

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Additionally heavy haul logistics companies secure police escorts to control traffic and manage contraflow situations when the load needs to go the opposite direction of normal traffic flow.
Heavy haul cargo and trucking companies can spend months planning these heavy haul logistics projects to ensure a smooth operation that is on time and on budget. 


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